Ask an Astronomer

If you’ve ever had any burning questions you wanted to ask an astronomer, here is the place to do it! We’ve answered some common questions here, but if you have any more you’d like an answer to, comment on this post.

Who was Caroline Herschel?

Chances are, if you’re interested in astronomy, that you’ve heard of William Herschel. A bit of a polymath, he was an accomplished musician, composer and even philosopher, but is best known for his discovery of Uranus, the first planet to be discovered with a telescope (one he’d built himself). Someone you might not be as familiar with, however, Read more…

December Night Sky 2020

So the nights are drawing in and in as we get closer to the festive season, and though Christmas might not be quite the same as usual this year, there’s still plenty to celebrate. One great socially distanced activity you can do is stargazing! It’s outdoors and doesn’t require a group, and so you can easily go out and have a wee look up at the stars – just make sure to wrap up warm at this time of year!

July Night Sky

So here we are, heading into the summer holidays with thunderstorms all around us, but with some good news as the lockdown eases. Caravan parks are open again, and they make some of the best places to go stargazing, as they tend to be a bit more rural, and have less light pollution than our Read more…

What is a Dinosaur?

Many people’s first memories of learning about meteorites were probably prefaced by “the one that killed the dinosaurs”. This most famous and yet now non-existent meteorite crashed into our planet in Yucatan Pininsula, in what is now modern-day Mexico. In science textbooks there is an ever so familiar artists impression Read more…