News Release: Thursday 18 April 2024

Ec(h)o  – digital film poem screening at Armagh Planetarium

20 April – 12 May, Copernicus Hall

Artist talk on Saturday 27th April 1.00 – 2.00 pm in Copernicus Hall

Image Credit: Csilla Toldy

Armagh Planetarium has launched a screening of a digital film poem by Csilla Toldy, award-winning writer and video artist/experimental film-maker

Ec(h)o is supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland with a Digital Artist Development Award

Speaking about the film-poem Csilla Toldy, MA said:

Echo in Greek mythology is the nymph whose own voice is never heard. She is cursed to repeat what she hears, thus she is ignored by all. This is an analogy for present-day attitudes to ecology. Eco-activists are not heard, they are cursed to repeat themselves endlessly.

In this 16-minute-long film, I focussed on the elements that create our world: air, water, earth and fire. Thanks to the three screens in the Copernicus Hall of Armagh Planetarium, the viewer can have an immersive, multi-sensory experience of nature, sound, and animation. It is particularly fitting that the film screening is alongside the Planetarium’s exhibition on climate change.”

Matthew Malcolm, Creative Industries Development Officer, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, commented, “The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is excited to see Csilla Toldy’s new work in the Armagh Planetarium; supported by the National Lottery Individual Artist Digital Evolution Programme.  We are committed to encouraging work that crosses artform boundaries and this piece of immersive, multi-screen art brings together poetry, sound design, filmmaking, and animation.

Exhibiting at the Armagh Planetarium encourages consideration and discourse of the synergies between science and the arts; both rooted in observation, interpretation, and communication.  Thanks to National Lottery players this funding is a game changer in enabling the Arts Council to support thrilling and innovative projects like this.”

The film is screened in a loop and visitors will be able to engage with the artwork in the next four weeks between 20th April – 12th May. Csilla Toldy is giving an artist talk on Saturday 27th April at 1:00pm talking about her process and the ideas behind the artwork.

For more information contact Csilla Toldy



Sinead Lunny and Peter Sumadh – voice over

Tom McFarland – percussion, editing and sound

John Fitzsimmons – Drone, Precision editing

Ryan O’Rourke – Camera – Slackpress Ltd.

Frankie Waite – Pyrotechnics Ignite SFX Ltd

Alex Pink – letter animation

Written and directed by Csilla Toldy

For more information and to request images call 07778 989 772 or e-mail


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For more information about the artist Csilla Toldy

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