This week it’s Museum Week 2020 and today has the honour of being #ClimateMW day! Here at AOP we monitor the weather daily, and have been keeping weather records for over 200 years –  clearly we are very interested in our weather and the climate. On Astronotes we have quite a few Climate based articles in our archives. If you have wanted to know more about Climate science, now is the time! Below we have a playlist of blog articles over recent years about climate, climate change, greenhouse gasses, weather records and more. 

We can all take action to slow the effects of climate change, but to do this we need to understand how our climate works! We hope you enjoy reading these pieces. 

Click on the images below to go to a linked #Climate article, selected for this day!

If climate change is real, why do many think it’s not?

Image Credit: In These Times

How does climate change work?

Venus – runaway greenhouse effect. (Image Credit: NASA)

How could the change of climate impact life on Earth?

Image credit: NASA

How could the climate impact our oceans?

Image of Venus over Pacific
Venus is seen reflected in the Pacific Ocean. (Image Credit: Mila Zinkova via Wikipedia)

How unique is our Earthly climate?

New Horizons near Jupiter. Image Credit: Southwest Research Institute (Dan Durda)/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (Ken Moscati)

If you want to learn more about how you can help our climate visit Greenpeace. If you want to know more about climate science, check out NASA.


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