Every child at some stage dreams of reaching the stars and sadly as we grow up the reality of becoming an astronaut often disappears as it seems to become unreachable. Well teachers across the country unite and let’s give the children in your classroom the tools to make their dreams reality! 

Train to be a space hero at Armagh Planetarium

Train to be a space hero at Armagh Planetarium (Image credit: NITB-used with permission)



Armagh Planetarium is pleased to announce that for a week during the Northern Ireland Science Festival Science festival we will help you inspire a would-be astronaut in your classroom!

We are offering a special ‘Astronaut Training Mission’ for any primary or secondary school visit to the Planetarium.

From Monday 23rd of February until Friday 27th February 2015 schools can book in for a special two hour visit where we will explore what it takes to become an astronaut and take a look at what astronauts do in Space in both our advanced digital theatre and with hands on experiments and activities.

From trying to find out how hard it is to work in a space suit as well as tasting some space food there is lots of fun missions to complete!

To top it off we will also be able to help children create and launch the Planetarium’s famous ‘Water Rockets’ to really show them how fun Space and Science can be!

An NI Science Festival 2015 event

An NI Science Festival 2015 event


Do you dare take your class to this out of this world experience?


When: Monday 23rd February 2015 until Friday 27th February 2015

Where: Armagh Planetarium

Suitability: Schools – Primary and Secondary

Times: Various Times

Duration: Approximately 120 minutes (2 Hours)

Cost: £5 per child – Accompanying Teachers are free (at a ratio of 1:15)

Booking: Phone the Planetarium on 028 37 523689 – Limited availability – Pre-booking is essential.

For more information call us on 02837523689 or email us at info@armaghplanet.com

(Article by Kerry Scullion, Education Support Officer)


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