Mankind is responsible for numerous achievements in technology, arts and science.However, how much can this attributed solely to the human mind or is there another reason man has achieved such incredible feats throughout history.To look at ancient structures built thousands of years ago, how could such primitive man have built such architectural wonders that remain standing today?This is a question that archaeologists and historians have sought to answer by interpreting relics and other archaeological finds and by analysing ancient texts. However, some people believe that the real explanation for our significant human achievement is a by receiving a little “out of this world” help from some distant friends.

A very infamous Swiss author Erich von Däniken is partly responsible for bringing the theory of the ancient astronauts sometimes also called ancient aliens to the mass consciousness.In his 1968 book Chariots of the Gods Von Däniken suggested that thousands of years ago life from another planet visited Earth and gave us the knowledge to advance as a civilisation. He states that many religious texts refer to divine spirits coming from the sky above therefore claims that this ‘evidence’ suggests these beings descended to Earth and taught humans how to live and develop religion along with many other skills. Von Däniken’s book became a bestseller and subsequently he has published many other titles along the same vain. Von Daniken was later discovered to have conveniently produced evidence of ‘ancient pottery’ with UFO style artwork, which turns out to be untrue and was instead purposefully produced to support his claims.

Von Däniken’s claims are not a completely unique concept.Another author Zacheria Sitchen famous for his idea of Nibiru, a mysterious 12th planet lurking in the Solar system writes that natives (advanced human-like creatures) from this planet arrived on earth to mine gold many hundreds of thousands of years ago. They trained primitive humans to conduct the manual labour required therefore giving birth to modern man.  Two rather more credible authors, Carl Sagan and I.S. Shklovski in their 1966 book Intelligent Life in the Universe dedicated a chapter to the idea that perhaps alien life has visited in the past, however they do emphasis that this idea is merely guesswork and is unconfirmed. Many science fiction novels and movies have also toiled with this idea, including a short story published in 1918 written by Jack London which features an ancient civilization worshipping some kind of alien UFO, although the idea of alien visitors to Earth being worshiped as gods really took off in the weird fiction of HP Lovecraft ).  Movies such as “2001: A Space Odyssey” also look to idea that early man is influenced by a kind of extraterrestrial find, and due out his year “Prometheus” also promises to explore the origins of mankind in order to save it.

Image Bent pyramid of Dahsur.Change of mind with angle during construction.Credit:Wikimedia


Many ancient astronauts theorists point to architectural masterpieces such as the Pyramids of Giza and suggest they would be impossible to build without today’s technological know-how.The ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza are an impressive and spectacular feat.The largest stands almost 139m (456ft) thought to have been originally taller perhaps up to 8m (26ft) taller but over time has eroded and shrunk.This pyramid was not the first and also ancient Egypt is not the only country to have large pyramid structures.Pyramids were built as burial sites for ancient pharaohs and a trial and error approach to building can be witnessed through the numerous different pyramids built.Before the construction of the true pyramid (like Giza) Egyptians used structures called mastabas as burial chambers.These were originally long with almost totally vertical wall.They then developed by extra layers added around the base for extra support in turn becoming a step pyramid.Other structures such as the bent Pyramid of Dahshur give more support to the idea of man working out a system for themselves.


The ancient Pharaohs had a large workforce of thousands of skilled workers dedicated to building the Pyramid of Giza and as the saying goes many hands make light work.

Image Moai head brought to Britain in 1868 on display at the British museum.Credit:Wikimedia.


Other such statues such as the Moai heads on Easter island, thought to date back to 1000-1200 AD are supposedly influenced by strange visitors.The Polynesians were the first to arrive at Easter Island many years before the Europeans.Many statues sit near the coast keeping a watch over the island; this may have been purposeful to ward off invaders.The tallest erected statues stands at 10m (33ft).The basalt stone would be a hard stone to carve and ancient astronaut theorists believe a human could not have possibly achieved such a feat.However the large statues do not have lots of little details, which would be difficult with just a stone chisel.

Instead the faces have simple carved features, and the arms are thin on the bodies with hands not defined.These statues are big so the features could be achieved.They are solid and heavy so many questions are pondered as how they became erected and often onto large plinths.However, in 1868, English ship HMS Topaz arrived at Easter Island and locals moved a four ton statue called Hoa Hakananai’a (hidden friend) to the beach and floated it by raft to the ship to be brought back as a gift for Queen Victoria.If man is capable of moving the statues a few hundred years ago then surely this suggests that they were able to before.

Image Nazca lines in peru.Giant alien or ancient man?Credit:Wikimedia.


Many other mysterious finds are yet more ammunition for the ancient alien hypothesis, such as crystal skulls.  Just as Indiana Jones is fictional many of the crystal skulls discovered once analysed under microscopes are thought to have been manufactured in the 19th century. Also many strange statues and images reminiscent in shape of an aeroplane or bird have been discovered both in sculptures and images. In scripts from India 2000 years ago people claimed to have seen flying machines called vimanas. There were different types, one with man-made wings like a plane and the other a disc shape, must be the aliens or perhaps just some ancient sci-fi or perhaps we now this see these objects with hindsight and try and fit them in something that make more sense to us such as an aeroplane. Even more ancient carvings such as the Nazca lines in Peru have been explained that their creation was to act as a runway for ancient aliens. Giant carvings in the sand show pictures of people, animals and birds, these carvings in the sand are not very deep but have remained preserved due to the lack of rain fall. Ancient people drew what they saw and how they lived and maybe the desert was a perfect blank canvas.


(Article by Martina Redpath)


John Carson · October 17, 2019 at 08:40

Administrator, what tool do you think was used to make the great pyramid if humans made it. Name the tool and describe it. Then get that tool from your toolbox or from your backyard and get the granite countertop from your kitchen and pound away on it for a week, do whatever you want to it, Work on it for 12 hours a day and make it into a perfect square or rectangle or even the shape of your head by taking one foot off each side. Let me know how you make out with that. Then multiply the size of your 100 pound granite countertop by 1,000 and the number of countertops by 2.2 million and you tell me how somebody like you could make a great pyramid 480 feet high covering 13 acres and it will stand intact for thousands of years. I will give you 100,000 people and 1000 years to do it. Remember, you can only use that one tool to make it with. I will even let you choose the sharpest chisel from your toolbox. Get to work and let me now how you make out.

Siri Rishi · September 13, 2019 at 14:40

Thank you for your article and voice. The saddest part to witness is the lack of belief in one’s greatness. We think so low of ourselves as a human race that we think we weren’t once capable of amazing greatness. What an insult to the mind to the body and the Soul. I meditate for my answers because all of your answers are inside of the DNA of your body. There have been many great civilizations whom have all been HUMAN and who make us look like barbarians of our time. That’s the problem with the voice of the New Age. They are so new they can’t conceive the greatness of the past so we must have had help from the Aliens? There are many life forms amongst us. But… when I hear this fantasy… my logic asks what aliens? Where are they? Why would they hide themselves? Where did they go? Why would they leave? What galaxy ? What planet did they come from? It’s too hard to believe the human is that great because Humans today are too lazy to do the inner work of understanding their Greatness! We believe Hollywood movies and celebrities and religious and political leaders instead of understanding and cultivating our INCREDIBLE GREATNESS that resides inside of Our VAST MINDS. We would much rather give the credit to an alien race. Strange…..Truth is stranger than fiction always! Truth is always hidden in plain sight. Sat Nam!

Manisha kapasia · September 2, 2019 at 12:27

Well i dont know who made it exactly and no one really knows that we dont have any proof these all are just theories that we are reading. But one thing we know that life exist on other planets and if we see some incidents that happened in past and people said that they have seen some alien but still we dont have solid proof to justify it. Thats true though old human beings were more strong and tall so may be they made these pyramids or not who really knows. We are just guessing according to the conditions. Like may be aliens made these pyramids but we dont know so i guess its good to close this topic and we should admire this beautiful wonder.

TheUnspoken · August 21, 2018 at 02:01

The theory that aliens from another world may have assisted in building the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt might explain how some of the most amazing and mysterious engineering feats in human history were accomplished. Moving massive stone blocks, apparently quarried from many miles away, and assembling them into something so colossal and precise seems like an insurmountable task even today.

How did people manage it so many thousands of years ago without the use of modern construction techniques? Logically, it appears the ancient Egyptians must have known something, or someone, that we don’t.

Some say only access to advanced technology would have allowed them to create stone structures, some with blocks weighing in the neighborhood of 70 tons, with such perfect mathematical alignment.

Then again, maybe we aren’t giving them the respect they deserve. The ancient Egyptians were awfully smart, so maybe they could well have built their own darned pyramids without any help from extraterrestrials. But the fact is, of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, not only is the Great Pyramid of Giza the only one still standing, but it was already almost 2,000 years old when other cultures began to build their wonders.

Were the Egyptians of antiquity really that much more advanced than everyone else, way back then?

Those who subscribe to ancient astronaut theory have more reasons than the complexity of pyramid design to think that aliens may have had a hand in ancient Egypt. Is there enough evidence to conclude that visitors from another planet have been here for thousands of years, guiding and influencing the advancement of mankind?

Or, were the ancients far more advanced than we realize, and has some important information been lost through the ages?

Assuming the pyramids were built by human hands, how would this have been accomplished? Most of the blocks that comprise the Great Pyramid of Khufu are solid limestone and granite. The limestone blocks were likely taken from local sources, but the granite blocks, some over 70 tons, were hauled from a site over 500 miles away.

How the heck did a civilization that didn’t use the wheel move these things to the site, and when they got them there how did they put them into place? This is a subject that has been pondered and debated through the ages, but researchers now have ideas of how it could have happened.

Most experts agree that ramps of some kind were used to get the blocks into position, but the configuration of those ramps remains unknown. Some think several long ramps from the ground to the work area were constructed and modified throughout building.

Others think the ramps would have spiraled around the outside of the pyramid, and still others think the pyramids may have been built from the inside out.

One ancient account suggests the blocks were lifted into place using some kind of fulcrum mechanism that allowed a team of workers to move them with relative ease.

As for dragging the blocks along the ground, some speculate that either round timbers or a kind of lubricated slipway may have been used to make them easier to move. The Nile River was almost certainly used to transport the blocks great distances on barges.

So, looking at the methods above, any combination of those techniques, as well as many still to be thought up, could account for how humans may have built the pyramids. It may not have been easy, and it may not have been fun, but with a whole lot of hard work and a little gentle encouragement from the Pharaoh certainly it was possible.

In ancient Mesopotamia, beginning somewhere around 4,000 BC, there was a fertile region called Sumer, and a people we refer to as Sumerians. These folks, like the Egyptians, were pretty with it for the age in which they lived. They had an advanced knowledge of mathematics and architecture, and created some interesting art that still survives to this day.

Because of some of the things they left behind, we know the Sumerians revered gods they called the Anunnaki. And not only the Sumerians; apparently other cultures in Mesopotamia knew of these deities as well. These days, the Anunnaki are at the center of a great deal of debate regarding ancient aliens, and what exactly the ancient people knew.

Much of this stems from the work of Zecharia Sitchin. Back in the 1970s, after interpreting and studying ancient Sumerian texts, Sitchin realized they revealed stunning information about the origins of the human race. He then wrote a bunch of books where he put forward his theories.

Sitchin believed the Anunnaki originate from Nibiru, a rogue planet that takes thousands of years to orbit the Sun. The Anunnaki who came to Earth were working-class aliens, sent here to mine gold to bring back to their home world.

When they rebelled against poor working conditions, the decision was made to genetically modify prehistoric humans (Homo erectus) by incorporating Anunnaki DNA and creating a new slave species. In the blink of an eye, Homo sapiens was born (that’s us).

As you can probably imagine, many have found issue with Sitchin’s revelations, and his interpretation of ancient texts. But others have stood behind his work and found further evidence to support it.

According to those who back ancient astronaut theory, evidence of alien visitation is all over the place if you know where to look. Religious texts, art and architecture of the ancient world are packed with direct references to extraterrestrial visitors from another world.

Much of this evidence is in the eye of the beholder, but even setting art and Sitchin’s theories aside, one interesting puzzle remains: How did the human race go from living in clans and hunting with spears to building massive pyramids based on complex mathematics and astronomy in the blink of an anthropological eye without some kind of outside influence?

Surely if aliens had been here they would have left evidence of their presence. The proof may be in the pyramids themselves. It’s easy to think of the pyramids only as giant block buildings, but in reality they are much more than that. Even more amazing than their construction is the hidden details of their structure.

For one thing the sheer magnitude of the project alone hints that humans would have struggled to complete it. It’s estimated that it took 20,000 workers about 20 years to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

At first that might sound about right, until you realize that there are about 2.5 million blocks in the pyramid, which means, if crews worked 10 hours per day, a block had to be put in place every couple of minutes. That’s not considering moving ramps around and all the other stuff that must have gone into building.

Looking at it this way, it seems like a little help from extraterrestrial technology would have been welcome.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu was built to very precise alignments. It is said the pyramid is aligned to true north to an accuracy of 3/60th of a degree. And, at the time it was built, it was likely aligned exactly to true north, as true north shifts over time.

John Rich · October 19, 2016 at 05:37

Dear Admin,

i read this article and some of these comments, including your responses to those comments. I wanted to ask you what your proof is that humans built the pyramids, where does your belief stem from? The reason why i think humans could have not build them is because of all the amazing feats that have been discovered so far about the pyramids:
How do you explain the fact that the Pyramids are perfectly lined up with the stars in the belt of Orion? How do you explain the fact that they are perfectly lined up with the magnetic north pole? How do you explain the fact that during the evening of the summer solstice, from the view of the Sphinx, the sun sets right between the Great Pyramid and its neighbor? How do you explain the astonishing mathematical proportions (Pi, Phi, speed of light, etc) that the Giza pyramids offer? Egyptians kept very careful records about everything they ever did, every king they had, every war they fought, and every structure they built, there were no records of them ever having built the pyramids… do you explain that? How do you explain that the height of the pyramid (481 feet) is almost exactly 1/1,000,000,000 of the distance from the earth to the sun (480.6 billion feet)? What about the incredible accuracy and the way the stones fit together without gaps and the size, etc? There’s many more amazing things about it and many that still need to be discovered.

So now tell me, how can you explain all of that? To say that humans DID built it would be an insult to the modern human because we would have difficulty building a similar structure even today with our advanced machines yet humans were able to built it 4000 years ago with stone and chisel???? How can a rational person NOT believe in the Ancient Alien theory?

And you call all of this “absurd fantasy”???? I happily invite you to check out all those facts that i have stated and then tell me if you still think its all fantasy. Maybe you should open your mind about the possibility of an alternative theory.

    admin · October 19, 2016 at 17:14

    Dear John, thank you for your comments and questions. I’ll try to answer with some questions and comments of my own.

    How do you explain the fact that the Pyramids are perfectly lined up with the stars in the belt of Orion?

    Is this actually true? Who said this? What does “perfectly lined up” mean when the position of Orion in the sky changes?

    How do you explain the fact that they are perfectly lined up with the magnetic north pole?

    Again, is this actually true? Who said this? What does “perfectly lined up” mean when the position of the magnetic poles changes with time?

    How do you explain the fact that during the evening of the summer solstice, from the view of the Sphinx, the sun sets right between the Great Pyramid and its neighbor?

    Again, is this actually true? Would it have been true when these monuments were newly built?

    How do you explain the astonishing mathematical proportions (Pi, Phi, speed of light, etc) that the Giza pyramids offer?

    This one is easy, I know as a fact that here is nothing to learn about the speed of light from ancient monuments. Pi and phi are not encoded in the proportions of pyramids. Again, who said this?

    Egyptians kept very careful records about everything they ever did, every king they had, every war they fought, and every structure they built, there were no records of them ever having built the pyramids

    Once again, is this really true? I think you are unfortunately restricting your research to sources which fail to tell the whole story in the interest of creating a mystery.

    How do you explain that the height of the pyramid (481 feet) is almost exactly 1/1,000,000,000 of the distance from the earth to the sun (480.6 billion feet)?

    I can say that this is meaningless, 480.6 billion feet = 146486880 km. The mean Earth to Sun distance is 149.6 million km (“pyramid distance” is roughly 2% in error). The fridge freezer in our staff kitchen is exactly 1.5 m tall, multiply its height by 100 billion and you’ll get 150 million km, in error by 0.2%. Do you think this is significant?

    To say that humans DID built it would be an insult to the modern human because we would have difficulty building a similar structure even today with our advanced machines

    Why do you want to convince me that human beings are stupid?

    I happily invite you to check out all those facts that i have stated and then tell me if you still think its all fantasy.

    I am sorry but you appear to be choosing to believe in fantasy over actual fact. There is exactly zero evidence for the “ancient alien” hypothesis. I speak as someone who would be fascinated if this were true.

AJ1970 · October 2, 2016 at 01:55

It is so disappointing in this day and age there are still those that can’t believe humanity couldn’t build all these magnificent structures without intervention from some ‘parent’ species guiding us along. The egyptians, mayans, aztecs, chinese, and all other ancient cultures have done amazing things in their respective histories to bring humanity to where we are today.

VonBraun · January 24, 2016 at 08:16

It is quite evident that this internet site lures people to it by implying ETs built the pyramids and then when you read this site the author slowly and methodically tries to convince you that humans built the pyramids. Its a way of attempting to passively program a persons mind into BELIEVING that humans built pyramids but that people think aliens did based on conjecture and conspiracey theories. No. Humans did Not build the great pyramids nor did humans even help to build the Great Pyramids. ETs built them as proved through scientific evidence. This author has NO EVIDENCE THAT HUMANS built them he has only the directives to try and convince people that ETs did not using no logic…using no evidence…using no acurate dating processes…using no credible quoted sources. The author BELIEVES in his heart that humans built them. We…we thinking people need more than this authors FEELINGS or his BELIEF system. We need proofs and facts. This author has none but countless credible scientists have proved ETs built them. This author is a contracted TROLL. Read a real web science site for the facts.

    admin · January 26, 2016 at 15:49

    Dear VonBraun, thank you for your comments. It would be really helpful if you supplied a link to the paper which confirmed the pyramids’ extraterrestrial origin. Please also check the name of this article’s author!

johnnybhoy · October 6, 2015 at 22:03

It’s no mystery how these great structures were built. Lots of slaves and lots of whips. Really big whips.
And a couple of vimanas of course

Roger King · April 1, 2015 at 21:05

I’ve always wondered if the worlds pyramids have been purposely positioned with the worlds latitude lines. When the earth rotates the pyramids act as notes played on a musical scale….much like a mechanism in a jewelry box..The earth may have its own song..

    admin · April 2, 2015 at 07:58

    Dear Roger, thanks for your comments, but remember, lines of latitude are an entirely artificial construct, they have no physical significance at all!

Dingo · January 9, 2015 at 02:11

What a load of nonsense….seriously please remove this article

(Edited for language- ADMIN)

    admin · January 9, 2015 at 10:36

    Dear Dingo, I am afraid that we cannot just take down this post on your say so. It might be very useful if you could explain why you think it should be taken down.

Kevin Reese · December 5, 2014 at 02:10

All of these conceptions to harp on Caucasian superiority and call the rest of humankind “primitive” and that aliens built it all is a bunch of crap! Then again, since African’s built most of what you talk about, no wonder you think so crazy as to convince yourselves that aliens built them. They were some pretty dumb aliens if all they built were pyramids and the like – rocks and stones and not one micro chip. I heard that the aliens built the Empire State Building and the Sears Tower – see how freaking silly and racist you are? Only if ignorance were a crime – yes you would be locked up for life. Since I know you, the web master, won’t dare publish this – yes this is for you.

    admin · December 5, 2014 at 12:23

    Dear Kevin, thank you for your comment but have you actually read the article? We are in complete agreement with you that every monument and historic artefact on Earth was built by human beings without help, advice or inspiration from aliens. We do not support the theory implied by the ancient alien enthusiasts that human beings are incapable of engineering innovation and we regard this as having unpleasant racist overtones.

    I cannot understand how you can believe we favour this absurd fantasy. I hope that you can find the time to offer us an apology.

arthur julien · June 29, 2014 at 23:58

I believe the point is that we were cave men, hunter gatherers. Then one day we are building these monolithic constructions all over the world. All ancient cultures talk about sky gods decending from the sky with bright lights, thunder, fire and smoke. These many gods taught us and mated with us. The Sumerians imply they came here 400,000 years ago to mine gold to repair their atmosphere. Then they manipulated the indigenous hominids to be a work force. Look at Puma Punku in south america, explain that. Theres just so many ancient writings of these sky gods, The yellow emperor in china as an example. Then consider all the sightings today of ufo’s, by reputable air line pilots. We have been trained to ignore the facts, since the first ancient library was burned. To erase our ancient knowledge, and ushered in the dark ages.

john peters · March 3, 2014 at 22:17

a sensible person will recognize that primitive man living in caves could not have built the pyramids only aliens are responsible

    admin · March 3, 2014 at 22:51

    Are you really, really sure that ancient Egyptians were cave men?

Errol Hewitt · February 22, 2014 at 17:45

The question has constantly been ask,if the pyramids were built by aliens.My answer to this is based on facts not probabilities or suppositions.there are so many conditions that can would easily steer us in the path of doubt which can make us feel that people of that time could not possibly build those monuments.However,lets not forget that every structure of any kind has a blue print.Some how modern man believes only him alone has the ability to carry out such marvelous feat I consider that “cockie and ignorant”When Alexander went into Egypt, one of the things he did was to burn down the library,the very library that might have had the answer to all the ancient mistery.Remember,where ignorace is blitz it is folly to content.I think ancient man had the ability to build those great wonders of the world and not some aliens coming from the sky.Lets be real, black people build those monuments.

Archie · January 16, 2014 at 23:02

Of interest in considering the buiding of the pyramids are some Great pyramid stats:
– 2.3 million blocks (approx)
– covers 13 acres
– top aligns within 1/4 inch of centre of pyramid
– pyramid aligns v.accurately to NSEW of earth
– some block were in the 200 ton range (Sphinx)
so does the ‘conventional’ view or reasoning add up? . .

How about the video Nassim Haramein – The Pyramids & Orion Belt – actually part of a longer talk this fellow gave – makes you think about the buiding of the pyramids and other megaliths!

Other Videos to consider:
Ancient Sumerian Astronomy
Ancient Knowledge full movie
Well worth watching all the way through – enjoy . . it could change your reality.

M J Murcott · June 20, 2013 at 21:28

The properties of stone as a construction material and whether ancient cultures built pyramids due to some shared linkage or because a pyramid is the only large structure you can build –

Geekyard · May 24, 2013 at 02:48

There is an video of Nat Geo also regarding this topic “Did Aliens Build The Pyramid?”. Please watch that also 🙂

    admin · May 24, 2013 at 09:12

    Why don’t you give us a summary and tell us what is so interesting about it?

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