For my Top 10 Space Themed Christmas Present List this year I wanted to compile a list of unique gifts for children.  These are items that Santa would have to plan getting in advance of the big day arriving!  So let’s begin our countdown of the top 10 unique space themed gifts for children…..



10- Rocket Light Shade


If you google rocket light shade you will get a range of different options to decorate your child’s room.  The one I spotted was a light shade which featured two tiers with planets and rocket designs on it.  It would make a really cool addition to any space-themed room.



9- Solar System Mat

 A 3x1m mat may not sound that exciting to a child, but wait….. It’s a mat which depicts the planets within our Solar System.  This stunning product starts with the Sun and ends with Neptune, each planet clearly labelled. (Parents, and people my age and older may ask where’s Pluto?  It was demoted in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union and is now known as a dwarf planet!  Ask your child – they will know!)  If you want one of these mats, they are hard to come by, so get hunting!!


8- Personalised Space Book


Imagine having your own space themed book with your name on the front cover!  Well, now you can!  This is a fabulous gift that would make bedtime fun!  But wait, there is more!  Not only will the child’s name appear on the front cover, but as the main character throughout the book.  This is their very own adventure featuring their hometown as well.  Again, google can be your best friend when looking for this kind of gift.



7- Rocket pop-up tent



There are princess tents and circus tents among many others, but the one I really want is this rocket pop up tent!  Let’s imagine we are in a rocket flying to the Moon in the year 2014!  With enough room for three children (I hope there is room for me on this mission) this tent is easy to assemble and comes with a storage bag as well.  Available from they describe it as “a whole new planet of play!” Love it!!





6- Personalised Rocket and Planets wooden light surround




This is a beautifully hand crafted rocket and planets light surround which can be personalised with your child’s name.  If you have a rocket themed bedroom this would be an amazing addition to really lift the room off.  Or, if your child loves all things space and rockets then this is the perfect starting point.  Available at the website and with a very quick and friendly service this could be yours in time for Christmas!



5- Skyjet Kite


Is it a bird, is it a plane…. No it’s a kite!  I feel inspired to sing a song from “Mary Poppins” when I see this cool gift….. “Let’s go fly a kite….”  This is a 3D kite that shoots through the skies like a rocket!  With no shortage of wind here in Ireland we can have hours of fun with this present!  Always remember that you must never fly your kite near overhead cables of any kind, near an aerodrome or during a thunderstorm.  Apart from that get ready to launch!  There are many more cool designs available on the website, but if you are looking for a space theme – search for the skyjet!


4- Moonshot Book


Apollo 11 grabs every child’s immediate attention – a mission that went to the Moon and enabled the first men to walk on the Moon.  The older generation know how fascinating that story is, but now you can let the new generation of readers and explorers immerse themselves in all the glory of that fantastic time.  The book details the great machines, describes the roar of the rockets, and the silence and tranquillity of the Moon.  It is a story of adventure of brave men leaving Earth and returning again during the summer of 1969.



3- Space Centre Lego set




Prepare your rocket for blast-off by making sure it is filled with fuel.  Next, use the elevator to get the astronaut to the top of the launch platform.  Now all you have to do is waiting for the control center to give the instructions to lift-off.  The OK has been announced so now you have to start the count down and get ready for another exciting mission into space! 5,4,3,2,1 – blast off!  Does that sound like fun?  It certainly does to me.  This is the type of activity available with the LEGO Space Centre set.  Check with your local toy shop or LEGO stockist to make sure that it is in stock.  If not, check out the official LEGO site and prepare for hours of fun!



2- Astronaut Pyjamas




These are super cool and I predict your child would be over the Moon (sorry) if they received these at Christmas!  Getting your child to get dressed for bed won’t be difficult anymore when they can dress as an astronaut.  This gift is available from the website, and believe me, you will want to buy other cool space themed products whilst you are there!  Available in size 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 they are a bargain at £16.99.  Get them whilst you can!



1-Astronaut Print Duvet



So, you have your astronaut pyjamas, what now I hear you ask?  Well it is time to really become an astronaut, in your dreams, quite literally!  This astronaut duvet is absolutely “out of this world”.  Underneath these sheets you will dream of space travel, of visiting other planets and even dream far beyond the stars.


Manufactured and available from this will be hard to put into the washing machine to get cleaned as your child just won’t want to go to bed without it!

(Article by Sinead Mackle, Senior Education Support Officer)


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