Is there life on Venus?

The answer is possibly, after an international team of astronomers announced the discovery of a rare molecule, phosphine, in the clouds of Venus. Phosphine, which is a molecule made up of one phosphorus atom and three hydrogen atoms, is a gas only made industrially on Earth or by microbes that thrive Read more…

What’s up in the sky this October?

October is here! It is one of our favourite months as there is so much more to see in the sky and the nights are getting deliciously darker. One thing to remember when you are stargazing is to wrap up warm when you venture outside. The nights are getting much colder, and with some of the best stargazing occurring in the early hours of the morning, we don’t want anyone catching a chill. Thermals and a thermos filled with hot chocolate or coffee will do the trick. Also don’t forget that we will be starting our Star Tracker evenings in the coming months!