February Weather in Armagh

SECOND-WETTEST FEBRUARY ON RECORD AT ARMAGH, MILDER AND SUNNIER THAN AVERAGE. WINTER 2019/2020 WETTER, WARMER AND SUNNIER THAN AVERAGE Armagh Observatory reports that February 2020 was very wet, the wettest February at Armagh for 30 years and the second-wettest February on record at Armagh. It was also milder and sunnier Read more…

What is Radio Astronomy?

Our view of the cosmos is biased by the vista that is apparent to our eyes.  This is what the view in what we call the optically visible portion of the spectrum. To the unaided eye it is a view of a universe full of stars, together with five planets, one Moon and of course the Sun. When augmented with a telescope, our eyes can then see a universe full of galaxies – giant cities of stars.