Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is showcasing its specially curated Dome Show, “Our Place in the Cosmos” at the prestigious COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this November. To elevate the one-of-a-kind show, the organisation has enlisted the skills and creativity from the students and staff at the Southern Regional College (SRC) in Armagh to produce a fully composed soundtrack and narration for the show.

Student Jamie Emerson (Year 2 HND Music SRC)

Twelve students from the HND year two music class, under the guidance of three staff, collaborated with Professor Michael Burton, writer and director of the Dome Show, to create a unique piece of music to help bring the show to life and showcase it to audiences during the climate change summit.

HND Music Coordinator at SRC, Paddy Craig said: “It was really exciting to get the brief from Michael and the team. It gave our students a fantastic opportunity to work on such a valued piece of work that will now be shown to audiences worldwide. COP26 will be such a fantastic pivotal event. The students have gained truly invaluable experience from a team so passionate about what they do. Climate change is an important message to be part of and I am so proud of what our students have achieved; they did a brilliant job.”

(l-r) Paddy Craig (HND Music Coordinator, SRC), Prof. Michael Burton (AOP) & Matt Duke (Extended Diploma Music Coordinator, SRC)

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium will be presenting, “Our Place in the Cosmos” every day, some days twice, at the COP26 Conference, demonstrating the impacts of Global Warming on Earth.

Speaking on the collaboration, Professor Michael Burton said: “I am really impressed with the professionalism and talent of the students involved. They understood the brief from the start and showed real team spirit to bring the show to life with their carefully composed music.  Led by an encouraging team of staff, the students can now be very proud of their work, and the part they have played to share our climate change message with the world.”

Prof. Michael Burton presenting at COP26 preview event at the Planetarium

COP26 is the biggest summit the UK has ever hosted and is the most significant climate event since COP21, the 2015 United Nations climate conference which resulted in the Paris Agreement. The global event taking place from 1-12 November 2021 is bringing world leaders together to tackle climate change.  The UK is aiming to secure a global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

More information about AOP’s COP26 involvement programme will be available on


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