Have you ever wondered how to build a solid fuel space rocket?  Have you ever wanted to witness a rocket launch?  If the answer is yes, then Armagh Planetarium is the place to be on 30 and 31 July 2011 as we blast-off into a fun-filled weekend of rockets.

image of Rocket weekend poster

When the Planetarium becomes a launch pad! (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)

Rocket Man Andy Willis is looking to recruit some space engineers in his Rocket Workshop to construct some real rockets ready to be delivered to the launch pad.  Are you ready to be his apprentice?

You can watch as the rocket is launched to an altitude of 750 feet with a flight time of between 40-45 seconds.  But wait, there is a twist!  We thought we would give you budding scientists a challenge.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to blast-off an egg inside the rocket, then return the egg and altimeter payload section safely and undamaged to earth using a single 15 inch parachute!

You will also discover the latest design in Japanese space planes, participate in some water rocket launching and even be trained up on how to make paper planes.

If you are up for the challenge, step up to the launch pad and give us a call on 028 37 523689 to book your place.  The rocket workshop is FREE, but places are limited and filling up fast.  Workshops will blast-off at 11am and 2pm sharp each day.

On this weekend the Planetarium will have their summer programme of Digital Theatre shows on offer.  Here you can relax and experience our planet and beyond and view the cosmos as never seen before.  Check out our website www.armaghplanet.com for show trailers and times.  Pre-booking for a theatre show is essential (Telephone 02837523689).

Image of Sinead McNicholl

Sinead McNicholl, Education Support Officer (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)

(Article by Sinead McNicholl)


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