Armagh Observatory and Planetarium launched a brand new dome show “Unseen Universe” on Tuesday 22 October.

The show which features the first image of a black hole ever captured has been made in association with European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It explores the Universe far beyond our human senses and is a stunning visual treat which makes what was once thought to be unseeable, seeable.

It introduces the viewer to the astronomy of the future, the new kinds of telescopes that are being built that work outside the traditional bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.  These allow scientists to study new kinds of messengers from space, such as the signals received from gravitational waves, neutrinos and cosmic rays, and so to explore the most extreme phenomena in nature. Frontier science that astronomers in Armagh are now also pursuing

Prof Michael Burton launches “Unseen Universe” at AOP 22 October 2019 Credit:

The show received extremely positive reviews, with among the audience Lord and Lady Rosse from Birr Castle in County Offaly. The show features the Birr Leviathan telescope which was the largest telescope in the world from 1845 until 1917 which was of great interest to our visitors.

Lord and Lady Rosse are welcomed to Armagh 22 October 2019 Credit:

Unseen Universe will be released on a limited run from Saturday 9 until Friday 29 November, playing at 2pm Tuesday-Saturday.

To get tickets to this brand new show click here.


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