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In case you haven’t heard our news, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium now has a podcast; Intergalactic Craic!

We will cover all your favourite astronomy topics, space news, and we will have interviews and Q&As with astronomers from our very own Observatory – all with a bit of craic!

The hosts will be myself, Courtney, and Heather. We are both part of our wonderful education team here in the Planetarium and so we both have plenty of space knowledge and enthusiasm to go around.

Our very first episode, Let’s Get Quizzy With It, launches today across a variety of platforms, including Spotify! We give you some ideal questions for an astronomy or space round in an online pub quiz (as so many of us are having them right now!). Search for it wherever you listen to podcasts or visit for links!

Intergalactic Craic is always accessible via the RSS feed on our Astronotes homepage.

Need some space?

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Varun Sharma · January 29, 2021 at 10:40

Wow! really a helpful Blog. Thanks for sharing it.

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