Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm; it seems that everyone is playing it. If you see someone walking in circles with their head down and looking at their phone, you know they’re on the game…and maybe part of you wants to rush over and see what they’ve found. Apple has recently said it’s the most downloaded game in its first week and that’s hardly surprising giving the hype. Nintendo’s value has more than doubled from the launch of the game and already someone has caught all 142 Pokémon available in the United States after the game launched on 7th July. It’s become so popular that OurMine, the hacking group are claiming responsibility for the recent glitches with the servers and PoodleCorp are threatening to hack the system on the 1st of August. However with the high demand, the recent issues are probably down to a high amount of use on the servers and players trying to expand their Pokédex.

Image of venonat

A Venonat in the Voyager cafe (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)

Anyone growing up in the 90’s will be familiar with Pokémon, collecting cards, the Pokémon movie and of course the much- loved Pikachu. Back then it was just as popular as it is today and Pokémon cards even became the subjects of theft and bullying in schools. These days Pokémon are easier to keep track of as the game is played by using mobile phones and other compatible devices.


We found this little chap on our door step! (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)

We found this little chap on our door step! (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)


As a Pokémon addict I can understand the excitement at finding a new Pokémon, the frustration at  running out of Poké Balls and the sheer disgust at seeing another Rattata or Pidgey. However working at the Planetarium isn’t just about space education anymore, this week it’s about Pokémon. The Armagh Planetarium and surrounding grounds have been marked as Poké Stops; we even have a gym in the Astropark to compete with fellow catchers, a mere 10 minute walk from the entrance.

As we walk into work in the morning it has become a common trait to pass a Pokémon hunter with their phones out in front of them, walking back and forth. Yet we understand as the Planetarium is currently a hub for common and rare Pokémon, from Pidgey’s to Psyducks, Abras to Squirtle’s and Jigglypuffs  to Jynx  we have an array on offer. Of course being on the site of a Poké Stop is a great help for collecting Poké Balls, potions and incense, not to mention the odd egg and lucky egg.


Come and catch 'em all! (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)

Come and catch ’em all! (Image credit: Armagh Planetarium)


To add to the Pokémon fun we are running a competition this summer for those catching Pokémon around the building, all you have to do is screenshot a photo of the Pokémon before capturing it and whoever has the best picture will be in with a chance of winning a family ticket. Be sure to tag your photos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or even send it to our email address, reception@armaghplanet.com.

So come and see a show in our Digital Theatre, blast off rockets and catch a few Pokémon on the way.


(Article by Samantha Steed, Education Support Officer)


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