We have announced that a number of family friendly Dome Shows will take place on site during the Easter break, from 5th to 16th April 2023.

These will include:

The Astronaut George Toddler Dome Show. Running daily at 10:30am from 6th to 16th April, except for 9th April, this show is a perfect introduction to the planets in our Solar System for pre-school children. This full-dome show sees Astronaut George investigate the best planet to live on and the dangers lurking on the surface of other planets in our Solar System.

The Perfect Little Planet Family Dome Show. This 30-minute show will run daily from 5th to 16th April at 11am, except for 9th April. Visitors will explore our Solar System from the perspective of a family from another star system who are seeking the perfect vacation spot. Come fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known Dwarf Planet. Dive down the ice cliffs of Miranda, sail through the rings of Saturn, feel the lightning storms at Jupiter and walk on the surface of Mars.

The Our Solar System Dome Show. This live family dome show will run daily for 35 minutes from 5th to 16th April at 12pm, except for 9th April. The popular interactive show, produced by Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, will allow visitors to sit back, relax and enjoy a tour of our Solar System. Come see the planets up close, safely gaze at the Sun and let your presenter guide you to where you want to go.

The Look Up! A Spring Night Sky Tour Dome Show. Produced by Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, it is suitable for adults and children aged over 8, this live, presenter-led, 30-minute show will run daily from 5th to 16th April at 1pm, except for 9th April. The show will take visitors on a seasonal tour around the night sky, as seen from Ireland. Its presenters will guide the audience through the beautiful sights and constellations that can be seen at this time of year. The show is ideal for anyone starting out in astronomy or interested in learning about what can be seen in the night sky.

The We are Stars Dome Show. Suitable for adults and children over the age of 6, this 30-minute show will run daily from 5th to 16th April at 2pm, except for 9th April. Narrated by Andy Serkis, this show offers an immersive experience that perfectly balances scientific understanding with family entertainment. It seeks to answer some of the most profound questions of all time and explores the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins and the connection between life on Earth and the evolution of the Universe.

The Magic Globe Dome Show, which will run daily from 5th to 16th April at 3pm, except for 9th April. This 30-minute show is suitable for families. Visitors will learn how a little girl called Mia accidentally discovers a mysterious piece of astronomical machinery whilst on vacation at her grandpa’s. They will also learn how Edmund, Mia’s eccentric uncle, attempts to trick the girl into using the tool’s secret powers to change the world’s seasons, with interesting consequences.

The Passport to the Universe Dome Show. Narrated by Tom Hanks and running daily at 4pm from 6th to 16th April, except for 9th April, this 30-minute show is suitable for adults and children aged over 6. Visitors will embark on an incredible journey through the observable universe and fly beneath the rings of Saturn, into the heart of the Orion Nebula, and out into the vastness of space to experience stunning cosmic destinations.

Ria Mee, Education Officer at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, says, “We welcome  visitors to enjoy our Easter Holidays Dome Show programme. Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is a globally renowned centre for astronomical research and we aim to inspire Northern Ireland’s next generation of STEM leaders. As such, we have created and curated a compelling series of Dome Shows to educate and entertain the whole family.”

All Dome Show tickets include exhibition entry. Children Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

To book tickets for these events, visit: https://armaghobservatoryplanetarium.ticketsolve.com


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