It’s that time of the year again for the third annual Northern Ireland Science Festival and this year is bigger and better!

The Armagh planetarium has been holding events under NISF from the beginning so we could not miss the opportunity to be part of this inspiring event. We are holding events for both the public and for schools, so let’s take a look!


For Public

Dr Niamh Shaw at Armagh Planetarium! (25th Feb 2017)

The STEAM artist, performer and communicator is coming back to the Planetarium to give 2 talks about her work to become the first Irish astronaut! With her witty and charming sense of humour, Niamh has the ability to inspire our inner dreams and make you believe what you thought to be impossible, possible!

Her list of achievements is extensive and too long to mention. She currently is in the Utah Desert as a crew member in NASA’s Crew 173 Mars analog mission in partnership with The Mars Society, which we hope she will let us know more about in her talk! She has been on radio, television and even the Edinburgh Fringe Festival inspiring all who see her.

So do not miss the chance to see Niamh here in Armagh!

Tickets are £2 each and talk times are 1pm and 3pm. To book call us on 02837523689.


Stargazing Open Night (21st Feb 2017)

To experience the marvels of the Universe you should see them for yourself with your own eyes. Armagh Planetarium will host a public telescope viewing session with one of our stargazing open nights.

Visitors will be fascinated by the views of the Moon, planets and deep sky objects through our 12 inch telescope.

The observing session will be held at the Planetarium and there will also be a presentation our Beyond the Blue Digital Theatre show at 7.40pm

We hope to observe from 7.00 to 9.00pm. If you want to join in please be aware observing can be done only if the sky is clear. The Digital Theatre show will go ahead regardless of the weather.

Tickets for the theatre show is £2.50 for Children £3 for adults and £10 for a family ticket made up of 2 adults and 3 children. Pre-booking is essential. To book call us on 02837523689


For Schools

Back by popular demand is our Life as an Astronaut themed school trip! (20th – 24th February 2017)

Could you possibly have a future astronaut in your classroom? This trip could help truly inspire the next generation of star sailors as we take a look at what it takes to be an astronaut today and what it will take to be an astronaut in the future. With a special show breaking down the life and dangers of an astronaut as well as a workshop with experiments designed to see if your pupils have what it takes to make it in space, this school trip truly aims to inspire! And obviously we cannot forget about the old favourite workshop of water rockets where we have the children create and launch water rockets to demonstrate Isaac Newton’s third Law of Motion!

This school trip does have to be booked in advance and we only have a few slots available so for more information and to book, call us on 02837523689.


NISF Roadshow!

Armagh Planetarium will also be taking part in the NISF Roadshow that is traveling to 4 different locations across Northern Ireland. We will be bringing our star dome with us to show you the planets, stars and more!

To find out dates and how to book for the Roadshow click the link below.


(Article by Kerry Scullion, Education Support Officer)



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