Our colleague Ria Mee has been nominated in the ArmaghI People of the Year Awards in the category of Tourism and Hospitality Champion!

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Ria Mee

Ria found herself in unchartered territory when the facility was forced to close as part of government restrictions. She took the initiative to upskill herself in the art of video making to ensure she was able to deliver the “Science at Home” project and quickly developed experiment style content for children to try at home and helping parents to try out science using everyday materials from around the home and has helped families to understand the principles of science.

Cosmic Classroom

These endeavours subsequently led to the reinvention the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium science communication which was very well received by vast numbers of social media users. Such was Ria’s efforts has increased the online footprint of the facility and helped it to reach out to a wider audience and in turn bringing new visitors to the area during the easing of localised restrictions with many visiting other tourism and hospitality venues when in Armagh and the wider county.

Ria was also involved in putting together Christmas parcels with astronomy gifts for those most in need which made a difference in the community.

Ria in one sentence – “Ria is a passionate and caring person who can light up a room with her enthusiasm and can-do attitude, everyone should have a Ria in their workplace” 

Some members of our education staff

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