Space science programme ‘Our World From Space’ will be launching in 22 science centres and museums this summer! This exciting 2-year national programme, created and developed by the Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) and a specialist project team, will be exploring the relevance of space science for the future health and sustainability of our home planet.

‘Our World From Space’ leverages current learning and connections from two previous ASDC science engagement programmes, Destination Space and Operation Earth, with new content and hands-on activities for the regional science centres and museums to deliver. From interactive workshops for families and community groups, awe-inspiring planetarium shows, bespoke classroom-based activities, ‘meet the scientist’ events, pop-up science shows, and STEM career days, each organisation has taken on the theme in their own unique way to engage audiences on this key matter.

Shaaron Leverment, ASDC Chief Executive says “The ASDC programme ‘Our World From Space’ places climate and the environment at the heart of this national space engagement programme. We are thrilled to be working with the UK Space Agency and 22 of our science and discovery centres across the UK, to inspire and involve young people and families with the relevance of UK space science and its far-reaching impacts – not only for our lives today – but for the sustainable future of our home planet.”

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium will engage with primary school and family audiences in two inspirational programmes, “Saturday Astronomy Club” for families, and “Our World from Space” for KS2 school children, featuring Earth observation science. The Planetarium dome will provide the inspirational means to instill wonder and awe through immersive visualisations expertly written and scripted by in-house by the Armagh team. The Saturday Club will provide deeper engagement with an extended programme including an interactive hands-on workshop, outdoor session and exploration of our Planetarium’s interactive exhibitions.

Sinead Mackle, Education and Outreach Manager says, “We are excited to have been awarded funding to create new inspirational activities for families and school audiences that will showcase Earth observation science. This will build upon our existing educational programme and also provide activities at the weekend that both adults and children can participate in, learning together about Space and astronomy in a fun and interactive way”.

Find out more and discover the science centres and museums running the ‘Our World From Space’ programme on the ASDC website.

‘Our World From Space’ is funded by UK Space Agency in partnership with Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), part of UK Research and Innovation.


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