St. Patrick’s Academy in Dungannon is a school with both an Astronomy Society and its own observatory! On 15 June the school will be hosting a public astronomical event suitable for all ages.

Image of Endeavour docked with ISS

Earth's atmosphere and a starry sky just off the port wing of the docked space shuttle Endeavour can be seen in this image taken from the International Space Station. (Image credit: NASA)

St. Patrick’s Academy Astronomy Society presents ‘What’s Out There?’ a talk by Colin Johnston from the Armagh Planetarium on Wednesday 15  June 2011 at 8:00pm (followed by refreshments and a tour of the school’s observatory).

This an introductory to astronomy, ideal for those who want to know a little more about the stars and space. All are welcome and admission is free,  but to book your place contact St. Patrick’s Academy (Tel: 87727400).

This should be a great night which I’m really looking forward to!


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