by Apostolos Christou

During the past week, Earth passed through the core of the Perseid meteor shower. The peak of the shower – when up to 100 Perseids could be observed under clear conditions away from light pollution – occurred between the 11th and 13th of August.

Three bright Perseids were captured by an all-sky camera at AOP, these are shown at the bottom of this page. The first Perseid was captured at 22:48 BST on the evening of 11th with the second a few hours later at 01:45 BST. A third and last Perseid was captured at 22:06 BST the following evening.

The camera forms part of the international FRIPON network that aims to detect the brightest fireballs. Although not optimised to detect meteor showers, the device can nevertheless be triggered during a shower rich in bright meteors such as the Perseids.

In the images that follow, North is towards the bottom with East to the right. The Perseids move across the sky from right to left and from bottom to top.


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