Armagh Planetarium is the oldest functioning planetarium in the UK. Sited in the historic city of Armagh, our mission is “To advance and promote the knowledge and understanding of astronomy and related sciences” and we’ve been doing this since 1968. You can discover more about us by exploring the Planetarium’s main website.

image of Armagh Planeetarium

Armagh Planetarium - UKs oldest functioning planetarium

Astronotes exists to further our mission. Although we have thousands of visitors every year and we travel throughout Ireland to introduce the public to the awe and joy of astronomy we know that there are so many others out there who we can’t visit or can’t visit us. Founded more than 40 years ago, Astronotes has been through many incarnations in its long and distinguished history. Starting off as a photocopied sheet of A4 paper, the Planetarium’s newsletter later developed into a full-colour multipage booklet. Today you are reading it on the World Wide Web as the official the Planetarium’s official blog.

Astronotes is not just another astronomy blog, we feature articles which take a different, some­times quirky look at the news from space. We hope that the Planetarium will be able to reach out with interesting stories about the wider Universe through this blog.