What Do We Do at Armagh Planetarium?
What Do We Do?
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Armagh Planetarium is a world-renowned astronomical educational establishment. Established in 1968 its purpose is to bring astronomy to a wider audience.

What Does Armagh Planetarium Do?

The Planetarium is a multifaceted organisation dedicated to astronomy education for all levels, from nursery through to retirement age. It is the Planetarium's unique ability to adapt to changing audience needs that have enabled it to stay at the forefront of science education since its formation.


Who Funds Armagh Planetarium?

The Planetarium is a registered charity which receives core funding from the Department for Communities (DfC). It also generates internal revenue from admissions, shop sales and its Mail Order department.


What is the Planetarium's Mission Statement?

To advance and promote the knowledge and understanding of astronomy and related sciences.

Education Policy Statement

Armagh Planetarium’s New Educational Programme is related to the revised NI curriculum.

Armagh Planetarium offers a curriculum-broadening experience for school visitors, and our educational programme has been redesigned to dovetail with the new curriculum, while retaining characteristics which are central to an understanding of basic astronomy.  


Our aim is to demonstrate to our visitors the amazing objects that exist in the cosmos, but to do it in such a way that they do not see our efforts as formal teaching.  We call this “Learning by Stealth”.  When they are prompted to ask questions, they are engaging in the learning process.

All of our school theatre shows are interactive, so that presenters and pupils take an active part in the show.  Follow up tasks back in the classroom are facilitated by downloadable PDFs and astronomical factsheets for teachers to use as supplementary teaching material.

Aerial Image of the Armagh Planetarium grounds
Aerial view of Armagh Planetarium
(courtesy of OSNI)