Rocket Launching
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During school holidays rocket launching is a firm favourite at the Planetarium. The rocket building activity is an exciting and unique way to introduce children to the scientific principles of forces and motion.

This family activity runs during school holidays (weather permitting). We supply all the materials you will need but we do need to recycle the plastic bottles used in this activity for other children so we regret you will not able to take your creation home!

During this exciting activity children have the chance to design, build and launch their very own water rocket.


How do they work?

Using a plastic fizzy drinks bottle, a nose cone, some tail fins and a few other 'top secret' parts, each child's mission is to design and build a water rocket. Once constructed the young rocketeers use their imaginations to decorate and officially name their creations, they are then ready for launch.

Water rockets use a mixture of compressed air and water to enable them to fly. They demonstrate Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction' just as a full-size rocket does.

Please note that this is an outdoor activity that only takes place during school holidays and is therefore weather dependent. If in doubt contact us before setting out on your trip to the Planetarium.

Pre-booking for this activity is not required for families however due to limited space group visits and school visits must be pre-booked.