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These short Flash videos are designed to show how to conduct simple experiments in physics.
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Bovedy_videoDemo rockets_videoDemo static electricity demo video electricity demo
The Bovedy Meteorite...
World's First Recording!
How Do Rockets
Take Off? Demo Video
Static Magic
Electricity Demo Video
Seeing With Your Ears
Electricity Demo Video
Flash Video 2.31 mins 2.51MB Flash Video 3.58min 7MB Flash Video 2.38 mins 4.9MB Flash Video 2.39mins 4.7MB
Making electricity demo video Magnetic Fields Demo Video Mars or Bust Demo Video Magnetic Induction Demo Video
Making Electricity
Demo Video
Magnetic Fields
Demo Video
Mars or Bust
Experiment Demo
Magnetic Induction
Demo Video
Flash Video 2.2mins 3.8MB Flash Video 1.16min 3.4MB Flash Video 58secs 1.7MB

  Flash Video 1.40mins 3.4Mb
image of telescope science demo tumbnail image of perseid video    
Dramatic Telescope Safety Demo Video How to see the Perseids TV Interview 2010

YouTube 0.47 secs YouTube 3.14 min
All videos are © Armagh Planetarium, if you would like to use any of them please contact us for permission.
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