Freedom Of Information
Freedom of Information
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Listed below are various freedom of information and administration documents pertaining to Armagh Planetarium. They are free to download. All documents are in PDF format.

Freedom of Information
Access to Information
Publication Scheme - Guide to Information

Annual Report and Accounts
Annual Report and Accounts 2015/2016
Annual Report and Accounts 2014/2015
Annual Report and Accounts 2013/2014
Annual Report and Accounts 2012/2013
Annual Report and Accounts 2011/2012
Annual Report and Accounts 2010/2011
Annual Report and Accounts 2009/2010
Annual Report and Accounts 2008/2009

Board of Governors Meetings - Minutes
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 19th March 2015
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 28th March 2014
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 22nd March 2013
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 23rd March 2012
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 18th March 2011
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 19th March 2010
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 20th March 2009
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 14th March 2008
Minutes of the BOG Meeting 23rd March 2007

Management Committee Meetings - Minutes
Minutes of the 96th Meeting 12th November 2015
Minutes of the 95th Meeting 4th June 2015
Minutes of the 94th Meeting 29 January 2015
Minutes of the 93rd Meeting 13 November 2014
Minutes of the 92nd Meeting 5th June 2014
Minutes of the 91st Meeting 23 January 2014
Minutes of the 90th Meeting 18th Oct 2013
Minutes of the 89th Meeting 21st June 2013
Minutes of the 88th Meeting 10th April 2013
Minutes of the 87th Meeting 22 November 2012
Minutes of the 86th Meeting 21st June 2012
Minutes of the 85th Meeting 9th February 2012
Minutes of the 84th Meeting 17th Nov 2011
Minutes of the 83rd Meeting 23rd June 2011
Minutes of the 82nd Meeting 17th February 2011
Minutes of the 81st Meeting 18 November 2010
Minutes of the 80th Meeting 21st June 2010

Minutes of the 79th Meeting 12th Feb 2010
Minutes of the 78th MC Meeting 6th Nov 2009
Minutes of the 77th MC Meeting 26th June 2009

Minutes of the 76th MC Meeting 27th Februaury 2009
Minutes of the 75th MC meeting 20th November 2008

Minutes of the 74th MC Meeting 19th June 2008
Minutes of the 73rd MC Meeting 29th Nov 2007

Business Plan
Business Plan 2016/2017
Business Plan 2015/2016
Business Plan 2014/2015
Business Plan 2013/2014
Business Plan 2010/2011
Business Plan 2009/2010

Safeguarding Policy


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