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Listed below are some of the family fun activities available (on Saturdays and during school holidays).

Cosmic Balloons (Nursery age activity - times vary)

Why not come and see our pre-school show Little Yellow Star and after pop into the Arts and Crafts workshop to take home your very own cosmic constellation balloon. If Ursa the Bear or Canis the Dog are not exciting enough for you why not take home your very own balloon alien or astronaut that can easily be decorated to look even better for any future space missions. Once you are done you can take your new cosmic buddy home with you but be careful around sharp objects, balloon aliens hate sharp objects!

balloon astronauts
Balloon Astronauts! (made by a local playgroup)


The Planetarium has aquired a small lunar meteorite. It joins our Martian meteorite as a unique sample of another Solar System world. We also have a 140kg nickel iron meteorite, this is the one of the largest meteorites of its type on public display in Ireland and visitors are encouraged to touch it.  At an amazing 4.5 billion years old, this is the oldest thing you'll ever touch.  Meteorites like this are the leftovers of the Solar System; the stuff that planets are made from.

meteorite image
Director Tom Mason with
Ireland's largest meteorite



Space Arts & Crafts

Come visit our Scrappy Spacecraft workshop. This is your opportunity to create a craft to take astronauts to places such as the International Space Station and perhaps one day even Mars! Get your thinking caps on and let your imaginations run wild while you design the future of space travel.


UFO Abduction Photo!
Space crafts: UFO cow abduction!



exhibition area image
Planetarium exhibition area

For more details on forthcoming events visit our Events blog.


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