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Armagh Planetarium is a registered Discover Science Centre under the Discover Primary Science program which is being run in conjunction with Discover Science and Engineering.

We offer a workshop for any primary school from the Republic of Ireland registered as a DPS school entitled ‘Cosmic Collisions’. The workshop is a mixture of a presentation and practical experiments, which is designed in conjunction with the primary school curriculum.

In 'Cosmic Collisions' students are taken on a tour of the Solar System before exploring the effects and results of comets and asteroids smashing into planets. Students will develop their knowledge of the Solar System as well as widening their understanding of the principles of forces.


Overview of the Discover Primary Science workshop and links to Curriculum

The 'Cosmic Collisions' workshop encourages students to work in a team and explore the principles of forces as well as broaden their knowledge about space sciences.

The presentation and workshop are designed to develop students skill base, they are encouraged to:
• Ask questions
• Make observations
• Predict results
• Investigate and carry out a hands-on experiment
• Analyse their experiment
• Record the results of their experiment
• Evaluate the results of the experimentst

This workshop ties in with the Energy and Forces strand of the Social, Environmental and Scientific Education curriculum for Primary Schools. The 'Cosmic Collisions' workshop is designed to help children to investigate forces within the realm of space sciences.


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