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Take a stroll around the beautiful grounds of the Armagh Observatory Astropark.

Armagh Observatory's Astropark is a scale model of the Universe where visitors can walk through the Solar System and into the Milky Way and beyond.

The landscaped grounds are dotted with stainless steel scale models of the planets demonstrating how small our planet Earth is compared with some of its neighbouring worlds. The planets themselves are dwarfed by the great arch representing the limb of the Sun. Beyond the model planets is our Hyper-Cube, an exhibit demonstrating the principles used to fit the immensity of the Cosmos into a tiny part of Armagh.


As you climb the Hill of Infinity you are accelerating away from the familiar planets of our Solar System into deepest space. Paved lines mark the positions of the significant landmarks of our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. By the time you find yourself at the top of the hill, you have reached the outer edges of the Universe.

At the top stand in our stone circle and admire the view across the city of Armagh and the surrounding countryside. Our circle is a modern addition but similar circles are found all over western Europe. Like its ancient counterparts our stone circle is a simple functioning astronomical calculator as well as a beautiful piece of public art.

Find out more about the Armagh Observatory Astropark.